Q: What is sliding scale? How do I use it?

A: Sliding scale is a tool that allows for people to choose what price is right for their budget, and increases the accessibility of an item. 

How does it work?
Select the price that works for you.

If you can afford the full price of an item, please select that price. You are ensuring I can continue to offer sliding scale prices, and increase the range of prices I can offer items at in the future. 

 If there is an item you love, but the listed prices are not feasible for you, please contact me. I may be able to offer you a lower price or installment plan. 

Further questions? Contact me! 

Q: What is your shipping policy? How does local pick up work? 

A: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, I am only shipping within the united states. 
I do offer a local pick up option! If you are able to come to the North Buffalo neighborhood in Buffalo, NY, use the local pick up discount code at checkout. Be sure to follow the instructions on the Local Pick Up Page. 

I use repurposed shipping materials for my orders whenever possible.   

Q: What is your return policy? 

A: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, I am not accepting any returns or refunds. However, if you have an issue with your order please let me know. 

Q: Why do you use only repurposed materials?

A: Many reasons. 
- To reduce the amount of waste I make as an artist.
-To repurpose materials that are in abundance near me.
- To have less reliance on a capitalist system of production (creating new fabric/thread/materials) that increases pollution, creates harmful working conditions, and is just really racist/violent/harmful/exploitative!!!
- I believe there is something joyful and alchemical about using all these items in a way that was not anticipated. 

Q: What do you mean by "repurposed materials"?

A: To me this phrase means, materials being used for a purpose that they were not originally purchased for. 

Basically...I do what I can not to go to a fabric shop and purchase fabric/notions/thread/patterns. 

Q: Where do you get your tools and materials?

A: I get them from multiple sources. This has included:
Amvets/thrift stores
Garage sales
Family, friends, other artists 
Estate sales 
Antique stores 
My closet 
The side of the road 
Free stuff swaps

When I do find myself needing to purchase items from a sewing supply store, such as Joann's, it is typically for thread, hardware, or notions that are needed for a specific work. I do this rarely.

As of 2020, I aim to purchase as little as possible from thrift stores. 

As of 2018, I began making a conscious effort not to purchase clothing items to repurpose for my practice over size L (u.s). 

Q: I really like something you made, but it's gone. Will you make something like it again?

A: I probably will not. This is due to how I work in my studio, the availability of material, and my own progress as a seamstrix/artist/designer. However, you can order a custom piece similar to the item you loved! 

Custom Work/Commissions
Q: I would like something custom made/repaired/repurposed for me! How do I make that happen? 

A: Visit my Custom Work page, read thoroughly, then send me a message! 

Q: Your product photos are awesome! Who took them?

A: Kaitlyn Lowe did them! She is an amazing artist. Follow her @artisanfocus on IG.